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Navy Commander Celia Kelly is a perceptive Naval Intelligence Officer rebuilding her life after the mysterious loss of her husband, F-14 pilot, LT. Tom Kelly.


As she seeks the truth, a Navy SEAL mission hurls her into murder and conspiracy. Is it related to Tom Kelly’s disappearance?


Someone is after 20 million dollars that disappeared about the same time her husband went MIA and now that someone is after her!


What really happened to Tom Kelly? And who are the members of The Pact?


Everything starts somewhere. An idea, a time... a lie. A routine mission turns disastrous as the Secretary of Defense is kidnapped and the country is put in a fragile state.


The SEAL Team has a new mission. With strings being pulled, Kelly finds herself losing people and time.


How far up does it go?


The President’s inexplicable past brings danger to the Country's future. Are the politicians served responsible for the mission failure?


The price will be high as Kelly and her team finally uncover The Lie.


Terrorism hits close to home, killing the president’s wife, youngest daughter, and leaving his oldest daughter paralyzed.


Everyone is at risk as the hunt begins for the second terrorist target.


A Navy SEAL becomes a prisoner and a long-forgotten prisoner is discovered. Celia's questions about her husband will finally be answered. Is he alive? Is he part of The Pact?


The Truth finally comes out. With the ultimate betrayal, will this mission prove to be too much even for Commander Celia Kelly?


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