• a mission incomplete
  • an unknown man 
  • 20 million dollars missing
  • questionable suicide
  • a husband MIA 
  • mentor dead

  • his son missing
  • unknown in USA 
  • whereabouts unknown
  • NCIS Cold Case
  • a bombing
  • a captured SEAL 
  • a long forgotten prisoner
  • the ultimate betrayal

If you have a love for action and adventure join Jack Sleuth, Commander Celia Kelly and, coming soon, Special Agent Amanda Blake FBI as they take you into a world of murder and conspiracy. Hang on tight! Can you figure it out?

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The celia Kelly series

"I believe CN Bring's award-winning trilogy, The Celia Kelly Mystery Series adds a new and vibrant voice to the field of mystery writers with The Pact, The Lie and The Truth. She's a rare new talent..."

Gail Welborn, Midwest Book Reviews 

  • Secretary of Defense kidnapped
  • a rescue
  • a bad president
  • an unsolved murder
  •  a dead Navy SEAL

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action & SUspense

"The plot twists are amazing and the answers of truth will leave you shocked and begging for more. CN Bring captivates..." Heather Gorsuch